Under Pressure


TPMS is the acronym for Tire Pressure Monitoring System (I promise not to use big words like “acronym” very much here at Z06Life). The monitoring system is nice if you are experiencing a slow air leak, however for racers who swap wheels a lot, the system is a pain in the ass. There are companies that make bypasses for the system but there is a simple way to work with the sensors if you have the right gear.

We purchased a TPMS synching tool (which is nothing more than an expensive magnet with a 9 volt battery in it) for $85.00. With this tool we can swap wheels and then reprogram the sensors to the car. This saves us the hassle of going to a tire shop to get this done.

Pressure Settings

The work flow for programming the sensors is to first get all of your tire pressures to the exact specifications listed on the B-pillar of the car. For the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that pressure should be 30 pounds per square inch.

Updated Tool
Once the pressures are correct then follow this list:
1. Press the lower portion of the start rocker switch to put the car into accessory mode.
2. Set the parking brake.
3. On your key fob, press the “lock” and “unlock” buttons at the same time.
4. You will hear the horn honk once, indicating the car is ready for TPMS programming.
5. Go to the left front tire (driver side front tire) and point the TPMS tool at the valve stem. Hold down the button on the TPMS tool until the horn honks. Be patient, sometimes it takes a bit.
6. Following a clockwise pattern, go to the right front tire (passenger side front tire) and repeat process.
7. Go to the right rear tire (passenger side rear tire) and repeat process.
8. Go to the left rear tire (driver side rear tire) and repeat process. At this tire you will hear two honks indicating the programming is completed.
9. Hit the ignition rocker switch to get out of accessory mode.
10. Do a burnout*.

* Editor’s note: Step 10 is optional.



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