Where are the Hookers at?

FixedMost sanctioning bodies want you to have a tow hook on your car. Personally you are hoping to never have to use these things, but you’re required to add them anyway. Here is how we installed front and rears on our Z06.

SpeedNewsOur Z06 tow hook install was featured in the September 2014 issue of SpeedNews Magazine.

FrontWe went for a soft tow hook in the front of the car, to avoid any “contact damage” during bump drafting (which in reality, certainly isn’t allowed during your average track day anyway).

OpeningWhat we found the rear tow hook most useful for (since we haven’t used it to get towed in) is for opening victory beers after a good day at the track.

BeerAnd there you have it. Drive hard, win, drink beer. Any questions?







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