Sit Down, Strap In, Shut Up, and Hold On


In order to install some racing harnesses into our Corvette we installed a harness bar from Sharkbar into our Z06. The install was fairly easy and we documented it with a build thread here at

BeforeWithout a backseat, the Corvette is a great vehicle to permanently place a harness bar. The bar’s location will not harm access to the luggage area or lose any luggage space.

PartsWe purchased the harness bar and the sub and lap belt mounts (which use the stock seat bolt mounts) from Vetteworks Online. We purchased the 7-point harnesses from I/O Port Racing Supplies.

WorkWe were able to knock the install out during one evening in about 3 hours (and 3 Sierra Nevadas).

Interior PanelThe scariest part of the install is removing the interior panels (because we all know they don’t go back in too easy). But Vettworks was kind enough to ship us extra interior panel clips (knowing darn well we would break everyone of the ones we took out).

TemplateSharkbar provides a great template to utilize when using a hole saw on a drill to make room for the harness bar.

CompletedOnce the bar was in we were very happy with the clean look of the installation.

Better Radio

The harness bar makes the perfect place to mount our radio from Sampson Racing Communications, our GoPro Hero 4 Camera, and our TVC15 Radio-to-Camera interface from I/O Port Racing Supplies.

TrackAfter the install, all that was left to do was throw on some stickers and push down the happy pedal.






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