Driving While Awesome

Krider Racing (2066s)

While at SEMA 2015 displaying our Z06 and prepping for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational I was lucky enough to run into GoPro employee and Driving While Awesome podcast host Bryan McQueen. Bryan is a fellow NASA and 24 Hours of LeMons racer whose racing team, Driving While Awesome, has expanded into their own very successful automotive podcast. The crew was covering the SEMA event and was kind enough to invite me to the second story, exclusive, GoPro display suite where we had a great show talking about cars, the Flared Fender Nationals that SEMA has become, and the Krider Racing effort at the 2015 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

The podcast will air Sunday November 8, 2015, and can be heard free on iTunes or by clicking this link HERE.

Here are some random shots from the SEMA event:


OUSCI credentials (actual carbon fiber).


Rob “Right Foot” Krider over driver’s door.

Grip Lock Ties

Brand new sponsor for our team, from SEMA, Grip Lock Ties.


Where to find our car at SEMA, behind north hall in Optima Alley.


Sponsor Shawn Sampon, from Sampson Racing Communications, shuttling us around Las Vegas.


Interview with MAVTV. We predicted Corvette will win it all.


Our car is displayed right next to shuttle drop off in Optima Alley, thousands of people walk by the car every day at SEMA.


The competition is lined up against us… good luck Fiat.


It is a tight fit in our trailer, but it gets it done.

Being part of the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car event at SEMA has been epic. We have had a great opportunity to talk face to face with sponsors like K&N, Racepak, Hoosier, Autopower, GoPro, Grip Lock Ties, Performance In-Frame Tuning, and Sampson Racing Communications. We are enjoying Vegas and all of the craft beer Black Ops Brewing sent on the trip with. We are looking forward to finishing the week strong and racing hard at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.



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