How-To Section

Time For A Change (changing engine oil)

Sit Down, Strap In, Shut Up, Hold On (harness bar install)

Where Are The Hookers At? (tow hook/strap install)

Make It Stick (how to put on racing stickers)

Mind the Gap (dead battery and how to fix the window gap)

Get Jacked (how to jack up a C6 Z06)

Those are the Brakes (how to do a brake pad swap on a Z06)

Make it Bleed (how to bleed the brakes on a Z06)

Under Pressure (how to program the tire pressure monitoring system)

Racing Section

Hoopa Hillclimb (team runs the Z06 up the Hoopa Mountain)

Mojave Mile (team goes 180.8 mph in Mojave)

Ultimate Street Car (team wins Optima Ultimate Street Car Title)

Another Auto-X Win (team picks up another local victory)

Corvette Challenge (team wins the Speed Ventures’ Corvette Challenge)

Corners… Why? (Day One update from the SCCA National Tour)

Load ‘Er Up (getting ready to tow to SCCA Tour at Crows Landing)

Corvette + GoPro + Lone Pine = Awesome (video wrap up from Lone Pine)

Lone Pine Results (results from the Lone Pine Time Trials)

Top Trap Speed (the Krider Racing Z06 sets the top trap speed at Lone Pine)

Z06 First Test (testing the rock stock Z06)

Random Section

Heading to SEMA (the Z06 gets invited to SEMA and OUSCI)

Stickers = Horsepower (the Z06 gets stripes)

Breaking Plates ( license plates arrived)

Keep on Rollin’ (new street wheels and tires for the Z06)

Night at the Museum (Our Z06 was delivered to the National Corvette Museum) 

Z06 Life Begins… (the beginning of it all)



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