Krider Racing / DNN Motorsports in Feature Article

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Power and Performance News magazine was kind enough to do a four page feature article spread on our team. Not too shabby of a write-up. Check out the story here at Power and Performance News.

For more information on Double Nickel Nine Motorsports (or DNN Motorsports) go to the new team website:


Z06Life on MAVTV

The Z06Life Corvette was on three separate episodes of Optima’s Search For the Ultimate Street Car television show during the 2015 season: Thunderhill, SEMA, & OUSCI. All three shows combined equal a total run time of 4 hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we mashed all the pertinent parts (the parts with our Z06 on screen) and came up with 11 kick ass minutes.

We want to give props to the people that helped us this year: Black Ops Brewing, Autopower, I/O Port Racing Supplies, Sampson Racing Communications, GripLockTies, Racepak, Carbotech Performance Brakes, K&N, and Cadet Blues the novel. We would also like to thank Shawn Brereton and Jeff Balliet for some awesome photography. Sit back, relax and turn it up to hear the 505 horsepower Ls7 rip up the track.

Driving While Awesome

Krider Racing (2066s)

While at SEMA 2015 displaying our Z06 and prepping for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational I was lucky enough to run into GoPro employee and Driving While Awesome podcast host Bryan McQueen. Bryan is a fellow NASA and 24 Hours of LeMons racer whose racing team, Driving While Awesome, has expanded into their own very successful automotive podcast. The crew was covering the SEMA event and was kind enough to invite me to the second story, exclusive, GoPro display suite where we had a great show talking about cars, the Flared Fender Nationals that SEMA has become, and the Krider Racing effort at the 2015 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Continue reading

Heading to SEMA and Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Krider Racing (2023)

This gorgeous trophy (admittedly, one of our favorites in our collection) is our ticket to the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Invitational finale race at SEMA. After winning the Optima race at Thunderhill (through some overly aggressive driving) we earned our spot in the year end championship race. We have also been cordially invited to show our Corvette Z06 in the SEMA show to highlight the sponsors who have helped us get this far this. See you at SEMA!

We Survived the Hoopa Hillclimb!

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It was awesome, it was scary, and you had to be a little bit crazy to run a Corvette Z06 at the limit up the hill during the 2015 Hoopa Hillclimb. The course was 2.2 miles, traversed 1,160 feet of elevation, and had 12 very tight curves. The entry completed the run in 2:19:04 with a radar trap speed of 100 miles per hour (on a very narrow mountain road).

To read a full write-up on what it takes to enter a hillclimb check out the Racer Boy blog on Speed:Sport:Life. To watch the run check out the video below.

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